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Super Heroes, Super Builders!Technovators: Remote Control ProjectsTech Explorers: Robotics and Star Wars ProjectsThe Great RaceRobotics: Design & Performance
Ages 5 – 7 (June13-June17) 9:00am-12:00pm

The Super Heroes need your help to save the day! Create motorized vehicles using LEGO® components for the heroes to ride. Make the Batmobile, a flying craft for Super girl, Captain America’s motorcycle, Iron Man’s Quinjet, and the perfect ride for Spiderman.

Each day, students have a mission to accomplish with the help of the project they build. We provide step-by-step instructions so students can incorporate motors and gears into their creations. Students then customize their projects and proceed on their missions.

Students learn about the following mechanisms and systems as they build and play with their projects:

  • How gears control the speed and torque (power) of vehicles
  • How pulley systems transfer power to move objects
  • How you can change the direction of movement with bevel gears
  • How lift arms can be used to make strong attachments and add cool designs to creations
  • How to build fast-moving vehicles that stay together in crash tests
  • How to make Super Hero mini figures leap ten times their length in a single bound (really)!

Join the camp and increase your building and creative “super powers”!

Ages 8 – 11 (12:30pm-3:30pm)
Get a double helping of technology. First, build remote-control, motor-driven animals and vehicles using LEGO® components. Then, create a computer game using Stencyl® software, one of the newest and best ways to create games for a computer or mobile device.

In the morning, create “Nessie,” the Loch-Ness creature, beautifully detailed versions of the the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars®, a funny-walking spider, and a twin-motor vehicle that you can quickly transform into a turtle! Students learn about motors, gears, hinges, wheels and axles, and more! With their remotes, students race and send their creations on missions.

Ages 7 – 9 (June 20-June24)
All-day 9 am – 3:30 pm
Students explore robotics using LEGO® components and, then, design Star Wars vehicles that move.

In the morning, campers build machines with LEGO® elements and then program and use them to uncover clues to solve a mystery. They’ll use motors to power projects and sensors to detect movement and trigger actions. Programming is easy with LEGO® We Do® software – students drag and drop blocks on the screen to create the instructions to run their machines. Each student has their own kit and computer to use. Projects include building a helicopter controlled through a keyboard, building a sensor-activated sliding door, making an amusement park ride controlled with a tilt sensor, and more.

In the afternoon, students experience the excitement of a motor – how this device can transform a stationary object into a moving one. Projects include the Millennium Falcon, Rey’s Land speeder, R2D2, X-Wing fighter, and Snow-Speeder. Students construct the motorized projects, then customize the design, and play with and share ideas with other campers. Builders are sure to have the force with them in this camp!

Ages 5 – 7 (June 27- July 1) l Morning Camp (9am-12pm)
We’ve got a week full of designing motorized vehicles with LEGO® components to take us around the globe in record time.

Our projects and destinations include:

  • A speedy train to travel across the USA
  • An ultralight plane to fly from New York to Paris
  • A dune buggy to race from Paris to Moscow
  • A dogsled to travel across eastern Russia
  • A sailboat to cross the Pacific and get to the finish line

Students learn how different vehicles work, how the size and placement of gears affect their project’s power and speed, how pulley belts are used to transfer motion, how to make a trailer for vehicles, how wheels and axles work, and other science and engineering concepts.

Ages 10 – 14 l Afternoon Camp (12:30pm-3:30pm)

Have fun with robots that you build and program using LEGO® Mindstorms NXT® components, motors and sensors.
Understand how robots work as you make your own:

  • Autonomous car which avoids collisions
  • Line-following bot which uses a color sensor to detect paths and obstacles
  • Robot baseball batter which swings at your pitches
  • Robo-dog which uses ultrasonic signals to guide it

We’ll program with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS®/Lab View® software. You’ll create instructions using icon blocks which activate sensors and motors through a programmable brick which you build into the bots. You’ll develop skills in logical thinking, programming with objects, and use of functions, such as loops and conditional statements. Enhance your problem-solving and engineering skills while building robots in this week-long afternoon camp.

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Dear Parents,
Summer is approaching! ICL Academy is providing amazing Summer Camps from June 13 to August 12. This year, we have moved our focus onto STEAM Education (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math). Our world is changing rapidly, and we want to give our kids a head start into a bright future. There is a growing number of jobs that require knowledge from multiple fields of study, which is why we are approaching the challenge by creating intensive but educational camps. 

Your child will have the opportunity to experience a variety of subjects. From academic studies to sports to the arts and even musical activities, ICL will be a wonderful place to discover new things! All ICL campers are encouraged to develop their talents and experience independence during the morning specialties, the afternoon fun and academic programs, and multi-sports activities. Come and create meaningful friendships at our high-energy summer camp! We look forward to seeing you. 


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